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This time we want to make sure you are not falling for the pitfalls or tricks of car rental services. It is a common scheme and well known around the world, that a car rental could get costly if you don't respect the ground rules.

Shocking 80% are unhappy with their experience from car rentals. This starts with the lack of customer support and ends with dangerous cars that are in an unfit shape for the road. Mostly it is the hidden damage that ruins the experience and can evolve to a financial nightmare.

Basic rules

Always and I repeat, always check and compare the offerings online. With the internet, you can compare the merchants and what previous customers have to say about their rental service. This is such a basic rule which is still violated and could save you 80% of the trouble. 


Also one of the matters where people like to save money and will regret it later. This is not the part that you should use to save some dollars. This is the part where you should be well covered and prepared to spent a few extra bucks to get you on the safe side.

Foreign policies

If you travel to countries like Mexico or similar it is wise to check their customs and special restrictions. Most unfair rental services bank on the pure missing knowledge of their customer base when it comes to country-specific rules.


So, all in all, you can get all the necessary information by an average 20min research on the internet which will save you hundreds of dollars and nerves.




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