Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Invented in 1994 by Ericsson, Bluetooth was designed to connect wireless devices within a small range of distance. Since the invention of Bluetooth, Bluetooth systems has expanded into a wide variety of applications ranging from Bluetooth headsets to video games controllers to printers to speakers, and much more. In this article, let's discuss the Bluetooth speakers.

A few years ago, Bluetooth speakers were quite limited in scope and rare, however, currently, there are in infinite numbers, and they are all suited for a whole range of jobs. By installing a Bluetooth/wireless speaker in your home, you, your family, or any other visitors with a Bluetooth enabled device can play music or any other entertainment from their phones without having to fiddle with an audio cable which is, of course, old-fashioned.


How Bluetooth speakers work

Generally, Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes and sizes ranging from small portables models to large-sized models. However, the size or shape does not matter because they all function the same. Simply, a Bluetooth connection is a wireless technology designed to allow two devices to communicate with each other but with minimal obstruction.

What happens is that when you connect your smartphone, laptop, or any other device to the speaker, the Bluetooth speaker uses its inbuilt amplifier and speakers for playback. This allows you to enjoy a much better sound quality than that of the inbuilt speaker on your device. Additionally, wireless speakers are highly-versatile and can connect with a range of devices including cell phones, smartphones, laptops, and tablets among other devices.


How to choose the right Bluetooth speaker

Given the widespread usage and acceptance of Bluetooth enabled speakers, there is more competition among the manufacturers leading to the production of all sorts of Bluetooth speakers. Therefore it's essential to keep an eye on important factors such as advancement in technology to ensure that you only pick the best. In fact, you can easily get overwhelmed by the many options available in the market today. Make sure that you focus on essential features such as brand reputation, product reviews, personal preferences, and dealer experience.

Understanding what Bluetooth speakers entail is the key to having the best experience while listening to music as well as watching videos. And, unless you are an absolute perfectionist, you will be amazed at the sonic skills of a Bluetooth speaker.

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