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Broadband is internet access with a fast connection. It makes no difference what technology is used. Of course, everybody defines "fast" different. 

You can check your broadband availability easily. Nowadays digitalization requires more and more internet speed. 

According to "" superfast broadband connections are available "for 94% of homes, yet only half of UK households have taken it up, and the industry regulator wants more people to start taking advantage of it." 

Why is that? - The answer is pretty obvious: It isn't communicated well enough yet. The word has to be spread. But this takes time. 

First of all, you should ask yourself if you need broadband for your daily life. For example how fast should the internet speed be? Maybe a regular connection covers your need for cheap. 

Although most of the houses in the UK have a fast broadband connection available; you may live within in an area that is covered by the 6% that don't have access. 

That is why you should check your postcode through a service online first.


What is a broadband bundle? 

A broadband bundle means that you buy the broadband connection and add at least one more product from the provider to it. Most of the time it is a TV or a phone. 

This deal only makes sense if you don't already have a TV or phone. 

Did you know: Broadband is regulated in the UK from the government by "Ofcom."







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