Car Sharing vs. Car Rental

Car Sharing vs. Car Rental in 2019

Traveling via flight can be exciting, but it comes at a cost: your car. If you’re traveling to Tokyo or New York, you don’t need a car to travel the city, but what about places outside bigger cities? This is where car rental comes in.

With that said, there is a new form of car rental called car sharing. What is the difference between the two?

Car Rental

Car rental is designed for people who need a car for the duration of their trip. Car rental is great for those who are driving long distances or will be using their car frequently. It’s the cheaper option for longer travels, with some prices being as low as $30 every day, combined with possible insurance fees.

The insurance fee process is a bit confusing. Some may charge you a lot for their own insurance, while others may accept your insurance if you have it. If you’re renting and you have no insurance, some credit cards will cover your insurance. Approach this carefully, as you don’t want to get burned.

You may need to return the car with a certain amount of fuel as well or else risk a fee.

Car Sharing

Car sharing has become more popular for those who just need a car for an hour. For example, you may be comfortable with taking the train in a city, but there’s one spot outside the city that is hard to access without a car. With a car sharing program, you pick up the car by reservation, and you can pick it up locally.

Payment is easy, and you may get credits as well. Typically, a car-sharing program may charge you by the mile. For example, you may pay around fifty cents a mile, and there may be a daytime feed if you keep it all day. The daytime fee is typically much more than a car rental program, so a car-sharing program is not recommended for long distances.

Just do your research on car-sharing programs before you buy. Some will cost you membership fees or an enrolling cost. Others may not charge you if you’re a first timer. Look around for the best deals

Also, car sharing is great for very young adults. Many car rental companies are infamous for not allowing you to rent a car for those under 25 or charging you more. That’s a little unfair if you’re a great, young driver. With a car-sharing service, you may be able to rent a car if you’re 18.

In Conclusion

Car sharing is great for people who need to get somewhere fast. Whether you’re taking a vacation and need a car for one use, or you live in the city and need a car for quick delivery, you can rent a car and return it for a small price. However, people who need their car for more than a day should just rent a car like normal.

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