Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress

A warm mattress may be the reason for sound sleep for people, but a hot mattress can turn good night sleep into nightmares for sure.  Feeling hot and sweating during nights can be quite disturbing as it interferes with your sleep. Fortunately, there is a cooling mattress for people with heat bodies. A cooling mattress is made of the material which cools down your body temperature by absorbing extra heat to induce comfortable sleep. The mattress is designed to keep your body cool by regulating your body temperature.

If you have a heating body, then you need to choose a cooling mattress which cools down your body and maintains a temperature that is favorable for good sleep. The cooling mattress is made of cooling material arranged in layers. The arrangement of layers is crucial to ensure efficient heat transfer. The cooling material should always be the top layer as it is this layer which is in contact with the body.

Coils are core components in traditional spring or coil mattresses. Individually packed coil pockets promote good air circulation resulting in proper temperature regulation.

Gel-foam is reputed for absorbing heat and not releasing back just like water.  The gel-foams are good at transferring heat, and the amount of heat transfer depends on the amount of gel present.

Memory foam is another material that is good at trapping heat at the same time very well serves the contouring needs of the body. Open-cell memory foam is the advanced memory foam which promotes better air circulation and retains less heat.
Also, there is polyfoam material which is reputed for good air circulation but is inferior to latex material.
Cool mattresses can induce good sleep only when it contains at least three cool layers and arranged in the best order to regulate the body temperature efficiently.

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