Find Affordable Flights

Find Cheap Flights nowadays isn't that hard as you might think it is.

These are some strategies on how to book yourself a cheap flight.


1) Be flexible with your dates

It isn't a secret that the price for a flight varies based on the years you select. If many people are flying at the same time, it will be hard to grab a cheap flight for example holidays like Christmas or Eastern.


2) Use services that are specialized on finding a cheap flight

There are many services out there like Skyscanner (most popular), Expedia or Skiddoo. They search out special deals or look at the best dates, most of the time using algorithm analysis to do so.


3) Get a "frequent traveler" status

If you think you have to travel a lot for this option, then you're wrong. You can also build up so-called "Miles" with special credit cards. Every time you are using this credit card to pay for example overheads, you will get miles as well. 


If you own a company, you might consider acquiring a credit card that lets you collect "miles" with every purchase you make (for example the Amercian Express (AMEX). 

This way you stack up points by merely paying the overheads of your company.

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