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Ever heard of booking a Jet just like an Uber? 

No? Then you should pay attention. Jetsmarter is Uber but for the air.

In the past years, even the wealthy people had to arrange phone calls to book a private jet flight. The private airline could only sporadically give the potential client information about flights. This meant that the trip wasn't always secured. If the client has been in a hurry, it was even worse. 

That is why Sergey Petrossov found JetSmarter. He wanted to open his phone and immediately check if a private flight is available nearby. Therefore he works together with several private jet companies.


Why would they work together with JetSmarter? 

The answer is pretty easy. Let's explain this with an example.

Imagine you are the private jet company. One of your clients is flying from London to Paris. 

But the next client wants to fly from Berlin to London. This means the private jet has to fly to Berlin first to close the distance to their next client. Then fly from Berlin to London. 

Usually, this is where the client from Berlin has to pay more for the flight as he has ordered the plane to Berlin.

This is not ideal for the company regarding consumer satisfaction. Additionally, the client from Berlin may be offended if he pays way more than the rest.

That is why the private jet company contacts JetSmarter and gives information that there is a plane available from Paris to Berlin.

Jet Smarter sends out a notification to its users. 


It is a Win-Win-Win Situation:

The private company sells another flight.

The client from Paris (to Berlin) can catch a flight for cheap from JetSmarter.

The client from Berlin (to London) doesn't have to pay an insane amount for ordering and then flying with the Jet.

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