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How to Survive Last-Minute Travel Plans

In a perfect world, you’d always plan your flights, hotels, and other travel expenses in advance. That’s when you get the best deals and have the least amount of hassle. However, life sometimes has other plans. Maybe you had some extra days off last-minute. Perhaps there was an unsuspecting business trip. You may need to book a flight last-minute for a family emergency. Or, you may have just forgot to plan.

Regardless of your reasons, there are ways to plan last-minute and not pay. Here’s how.

Fly Inconveniently

Sometimes, saving money for a last-minute flight can mean that you’ll have to fly red-eye or early in the morning. No one likes doing these flights, and that’s why you’ll find empty seats and lower prices.

Ask for Bereavement Fees

Some airlines will knock off the price of your ticket if you’re paying to go to a funeral. When talking to your airline, mention that and see if they will reduce the cost.

Look at Many Travel Sites and Apps

Skyscanner, Expedia, and various other travel providers can have good deals, and sometimes, you may need to search them all. Signing up for a flight newsletter or liking them on social media can give you access to discounts as well. When searching, don’t purchase the first flight ticket you come across. Instead, do some searching.

People Cancel

Especially during the holidays. They cancel their flights or other reservations last-minute, leaving behind open spots that may be cheap. If you’re holiday traveling, see what they have.

Use the Phone

The convenience of the Internet has made booking flights and hotels via phone a thing of the past. That’s why it’s worth it to call. You may find deals or empty spots that the Internet just won’t tell you about.

Be Flexible With Your Lodging

Use other lodging apps such as Airbnb. You can often find places to stay for cheap, and you can often get a better experience by booking through there.

Try Traveling in the Middle of the Week

Most people travel at the beginning or the end of the week. Why not try to travel mid-week? Booking a flight on Wednesday can usually be cheaper than a Friday flight. Just be flexible with your days, and you can benefit.

See What Non-Time Sensitive Events Are Available

If you’re traveling to a city last-minute, it’s often too late to attend some events. However, some events are public or first come, first serve. If you can find these events, you can still have a great travel experience.

Plan Better Next Time

Traveling is a learning experience, and not everyone gets it right the first time. What you should do is learn from your mistakes and travel smarter the next time.

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