Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung smart TVs come in wide varieties of HD resolutions as well as sizes. Whether it is the 75- inch screen or even the 21-inch, every Samsung smart TV brings life to our living rooms in a unique way. With a Samsung smart TV, you will easily access content beyond the regular channels.

With the broadcasting app installed on your TV, you will be able to access paid cables as well as satellite broadcasting.

To save on time, the Samsung smart TV is built to connect with other devices seamlessly. You can easily connect your smartphone with your TV and share moments across the screen. If you were watching a movie on your way from work, you could continue watching it on your TV when you are home without any hassle. Listening to your favorite song directly from your TV is equally comfortable. Just fire up the Bluetooth to link up your TV to your soundbar. 

Access a variety of apps. Get to know what other users are enjoying and get recommendations from your smart TV. YouTube, Shopify, Netflix are just but a few of the apps available the Samsung smart TV users. Bixby voice assistant is the equivalent of the Google assistant. While it may not be as impressive as the google assistant may, the Bixby voice assistant offers a solid option for the Samsung users.

If you are tired of seeing the big, black, plain looking mirror when your TV is off, Samsung TV gives the perfect solution. The ambient mode is a low powered option that allows you to view artworks, weather updates, and newsfeed while consuming low power as compared to regular watching.

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