Ski Holidays in Austria

Ski Holidays in Austria

Winter seasons are the peak seasons in Austria due to the number of ski-friendly destinations in the country.
Skiing along the Austrian Alps are what make winter holidays worthwhile if you are an avid traveler.
The ski resorts are commonly found in Austria’s more traditional villages as it is in closer proximity to the mountain areas.

Here are reasons why you should go on a ski holiday in Austria.

Austria is the best place to start

For those who wish to take up skiing as a hobby, there is no better place to start than on the Austrian Alps.
Austria is filled with the best schools for skiing that you will not find elsewhere. St. Anton is one of the longest ski schools in Arlberg, while Rote Teufel offers a variety of lessons.
The snow there has a powdery and fluffy texture compared to the rougher ones elsewhere. This makes your skiing experience smoother as you cruise downhill. The ideal conditions for such a hobby make ski holidays in Austria very family friendly as well.

Safety is the key

With Austria being one of the safest destinations to travel, it is already a given that the country has invested in keeping it that way.
Ski resorts have made it a point to invest in the safety of ski enthusiasts which is why they made sure the slopes are friendly to ski on all year round.
The alps are filled with emergency services such as highly trained ski patrollers, as well as first aid stations to ensure the safety of tourists and locals alike.
Skiing accidents are inevitable at times, but Austria boasts one of the lowest accident rates around Europe.

More than just skiing

Skiing during the day and everything else at night. The Austrian villages have more to offer than just skiing.
Ski villages continue to be bright at night, giving you that Christmas feel all year round. 

Austria also has incredible spas along the Alps thanks to its natural spring waters and fresh air. The views alone are also enough for those who seek to retreat for unwinding. You can also connect with the friendly locals there and share a chug of beer or sip of schnapps in one of the taverns there.

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