Standing Desk

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Standing Desk

Ever had a problem with back pain? Then you should stand more while you are working. This is what stand desks have been build for. If you consider buying a standing desk, you should check out the following factors first.


Fixed or Adjustable

Standing is not better than sitting. What’s essential is that you don’t do too much of either. If you can afford it, therefore, a fully adjustable standing desk is a much better option. There are three basic positions for desks:

  • Fully seated
  • Half standing (or perching) using a high chair or stool
  • Fully standing

By alternating between these three positions, you can maximize the number of productive “alert” hours in your workday while minimizing the potential for back and shoulder pain.


Chair: Adjustability over Comfort

Since you’ll be regularly changing the height of your desk throughout the workday, there’s less of a need to invest in an expensive office chair. Actually, a somewhat uncomfortable chair that “reminds” you to move may improve productivity. The critical consideration here is to have a chair that can be raised high enough to allow you to sit in a perched position – that is with your legs almost fully extended – and low enough to sit with your knees at 90 degrees.


Adjustable Monitor

Ideally, your monitor will be mounted to a moveable arm that attaches to the desk. This allows you to adjust for example height, tilt and pitch of your monitor. This will increase the combination of positions that you can comfortably work in, therefore increasing the amount of time that you can work productively.


Ease of Adjustment

It’s essential that your standing desk be easily adjustable. If it’s difficult, annoying, or noisy to adjust, you will be less likely to go through the effort to change your position regularly. Remember, the key principle here is that regular movement improves productivity. The best (and most expensive) desks are motor assisted. Consider both the noise element and the amount of time it takes to move from sitting to standing.



A standing desk that accommodates all of the above key points will be rather expensive. If you’re working in front of a screen all day though, the increased productivity will quickly cover the cost of the desk.

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