Trip to Berlin

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Trip to Berlin

Trip to Berlin

The German capital may not be as mainstream as a Paris or Rome, but you will realize that it has the same appeal once you have been there.

There are a lot of things to do in Berlin but we are going to stick to the essentials, so with that, here are some tips for your first trip to Berlin.


As mentioned, the city is full of history. The city still bears the remnants of the two world wars the country has been part of.

The people of Berlin have continued to move forward and erase what used to be the scars of war as they managed to restore some of its landmarks and turned them into must-visits.

Berlin is a dream for all world history buffs as the city offers memorial walking tours to war memorial sites such as the Anhalter Bahnhof ruins, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and the Holocaust memorial.

The remnants of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a century-old church that was heavily destroyed during the second world war still stands till this day despite the massive urbanization that Berlin has undergone.


From the past to the present, your trip to Berlin can still be enjoyed even if you do not wish to jog down memory lane.

If you are a fan of scenic views, city lights, or skyscrapers, you must visit the Berlin TV Tower and get an amazing full 360-degree view of the city.

Even enthusiasts of the performing arts can find something to do in Berlin. The Konzert Haus holds ballet, opera, and theater performances on top of huge events regularly scheduled at the place.


Try the plain Bratwurst in Berlin. It is usually the staple in a German grill, or when you talk about barbecue.   

Another dish that probably speaks German all over it is the Schnitzel, which is usually made of veal meat which is pounded thinly, breaded and fried. Nowadays, people also pork or chicken as alternatives.

Other things to do in Berlin

Walk along the Brandenburg Gate.
Be awe-inspired by the Berlin Cathedral.
Be reintroduced to the most endangered species at the Berlin Zoo.
Take a selfie at the East Side Gallery.
Loiter the grounds of Charlottenburg Palace.

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