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Do you want to start a blog? Then Webhosting plays a crucial role. The web hosting platform is what saves all the data required to show your website to another user on the web.

Many people, especially at the beginning, make a crucial mistake when selecting a service. They take the cheapest hoster there is. 

What many Blogger don't have in mind: The hosting can become crucial at a later stage. For example the loading speed of the website. Big search engines can rank you higher or lower in the ranking based on the loading speed. 

Maybe you have saved some bucks on the hosting but missed, even more, when it comes to website traffic and the potential clients that you have not reached because you ranked on position 12 instead of position 6.

You get the point. Think long-term. Don't rush and think carefully about what you want.


What are the most important indications when choosing the web hoster?

For example, checking reviews of recent clients. If you're not sure if a web hoster is the best fit for you, you can browse through the comments and see what others say about the service.

You can also ask the blogs you trust what they are using. They can also tell you if they already some problems before or if they already switched from on web hosting service to another. 

Also, avoid web hoster that has a lot of mouseprint on their sales page. There is a reason why they write it that way. 

Support is not as important as the other points, but you should be aware of it. You will run into problems. At that point, you want to have a support that can help you immediately and solve the problem that you have.

Understand how important web hosting is for you and your business. 


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