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Which Xbox Should I Purchase?

The ironic thing about the Xbox One is that there is more than one type of console. You have
the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. It’s not just parents who are buying
consoles for their kids who are confused; Xbox is confusing everyone!

Consoles being rereleased with a redesign are nothing new. However, it used to be that the
console was simply smaller or had more storage. Now, these rereleased consoles act like
halfway points between the current and the next generation, offering improved graphics and

Differences Between Xbox Versions:

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S was released in 2016, three years after the original Xbox One. The S was
designed to be a bit smaller and have a bit more power than the original. It’s more lightweight
and has some design changes, such as changing around the power button, so you don’t
accidentally turn it off. It can stand up vertically as well, just like the 360.
While the original had a Kinect port, which was Xbox’s attempt at motion controlled gaming,
the S lacks that.

As for the power, the S improves the GPU a bit. This means that some games may have
better performance and you can play back 4K video and Blu-Rays.
Also, the S has more variety in storage. You can buy the S in up to two terabytes.
Its controller has some innovations as well, supporting Bluetooth.

Overall, the S isn’t worth it if you have the original, but it’s good if you don’t have an Xbox and want to purchase a more affordable and reliable console.

Xbox One X

The X was released in 2017. It’s smaller than the S and has similar features. The appeal of
the X is in its hardware. It’s much more powerful in processing and has a new graphics card
that can go over four times the power than the original. It has more memory as well, and an
improved hard drive that can load your games faster.
The games look better as well. There are more 4K support and better rendering. Games labeled with "Xbox One X Enhanced" means the game will look much better on an X with a 4K display. There will be more frames per second (FPS) for an overall
better gameplay experience.

The Xbox One X does cost a lot more, at around $500 for a new model, but you get a powerful console that can only be surpassed by a good gaming PC.




If you or your child has an original Xbox One, upgrading to the S isn’t worth it. However, upgrading to the X may be worth it if you or your child cares about performance and have a
4K display. The Xbox One S is a good Xbox to choose if you don’t have an Xbox One yet and you don’t want to pay $500 for a new X.

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